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Thirty years ago today, James and I had our first date. As it was only a “first” date, neither of us had any idea that God was actually bringing soul mates together. That said, right there during that first date, although neither of us had the nerve to say it, we somehow both knew that we were destined to be together for the rest of our lives. In fact, from that day on, we have indeed been together every day. Well, I should say every day where we had the choice. There have been the odd days out where work or unfortunate hospital stays have caused us to be apart but I don’t really think that times it was out of our control should count, do you?

Has it all been sunshine and lollipops in a fairy-tale life? Of course not! Although most of the time it is actually as close to perfect as two people can get, there have also been those moments when I was sure that he was trying to test exactly how far he can push me before I kill ‘em. And naturally (although I cannot imagine why… hahaha) those moments when I have done the very same to him. That being said, when we feel that we are at our wits end, we take a moment to ask ourselves, “is this something worth losing our relationship and our love over?” The answer is always categorically, “NO.” It is then that we realize that it is time to make-up ASAP, as from that point on; any time we spent angry is just precious time we will never recover.

I can honestly say that I love James as much as I did way back then when we both fell in love with one another for the first time. In fact, in many ways, I love him even more. I don’t know what, where, or even who I would be without him, I only know that I would never have been this happy

I thank my James for being there with me through thick and thin (both literally and figuratively) for making me laugh, bringing me joy, for sharing his life and his love, and for holding me close on those occasions when I needed to cry. More than that, I thank God, who after thirty some odd years, brought two lost souls, both searching for something that was missing in our lives, together; for it was only God who knew that the something missing was each other.

I know that this blog was totally self indulgent. If you took the time to read it anyway, then thank you for letting me share a bit of my personal life with you.
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