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What can I say about my dad, who turned 90 yrs old today, that I haven’t said a thousand times before? Although it’s redundant, THANK YOU DAD.

For literally choosing to become my father

For giving me three more sisters

For helping me with my math homework

For teaching me how to ride a bike, although you couldn’t yourself!

For teaching me how to swim, although you couldn’t yourself! (I hope this doesn’t become a theme LOL)

For teaching me to drive, Phew! Very glad you DID do this one!

For the late-night/early-morning runs to the emergency room, throughout the years that I suffered from a terrible stomach

For working, three jobs at a time, to assure that your family had what was needed… and then some!

For hundreds of hours of jigsaw puzzles, board games, and cards.

For Tuesday night fireworks at Coney Island, complete with corn on the cob!

For afternoon drives to get a frozen custard on a cone

For summer day trips to the beach

For Saturday morning bowling

For Sunday trips to the Automat

For weekend barbecues

For a pool in our yard

For the sacks of White Castle burgers taken to the park

For Summer vacations in Vermont

For a lifetime of glorious Christmas’ and holidays

For patiently building complicated toys

For teaching me what it means to be a man of your word

For a half a million awfully bad “dad jokes” Alexander Tuesday?!!

For going to work sick, because we needed the day’s pay

For filling our home with the music of Jimmy Roselli

For surrounding our home with glorious flower gardens

For mowing the grass while I went to the beach

For weekend breakfasts in bed

For setting my bully teacher straight (That’s right, take that Mr. Spatz! How did it feel to get down on your knees to apologize in the crowded school auditorium?

For 20 years of working side-by-side

For being my most trusted ear

For always being proud of me

For building my confidence

For being my biggest cheerleader

For moving to Florida because I did

For being my best friend

For more things than could possibly be listed here

For being… my dad

Happy birthday, dad. I love you beyond words.

Thank you, God, for the privilege of still having my father well into my sixties.


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