My Last Word On Last Man Standing

OMG! Has it actually come to this, we’re going to be led to believe that a TV show was canceled because the character on it has “right wing conservative” beliefs? It leads me to wonder, just how many people complaining even watch the show!

As a regular watcher of Last Man Standing and one who has been since the series began (until recently), I admit that the past two seasons have gotten stale and silly at best. I went from a guy who DVD’ed the show in case I should miss it, to “I don’t need to tape it; it’s no big deal if I miss it,” to searching other avenues aka Netflicks, etc., for something “good” to watch instead of Last Man.

The fact is that the show has ALWAYS been what it is, and ABC bought the show knowing so. They then ran it for SIX SEASONS, a truly excellent run for any TV show. Very, very few series have the staying power of an “All In The Family,” “Friends,” or “Law and Order.” Last Man, and the out-in-out horrible, poorly written, and poorly acted show, “Dr. Ken,” have both been put to pasture as ABC tries to revamp their Friday night, prime-time lineup with newer fresher shows for the upcoming fall season. In the meantime, the cast of Last Man Standing, will be enjoying the “really big money” as the show runs in syndication, bringing them all a heafty paycheck, without the effort of any work, for a long time to come. So your energies are better spent on starving children, war torn countries, and horrible, incurable diseases.

I wonder how many people who are fast to write ABC a letter about this silly and very imaginary issue have also written letters to congress demanding, healthier foods served to our children in school lunchrooms, or for that matter, to Ambassador Mr. Cui Tiankai to stop the annual torture and killing of innocent dogs in Yulin for a festival.

Let’s PLEASE STOP the political belly aching, especially on ludicrous issues like this, solely to make a point (or try to) and get on with a more productive and intelligent life once again. I for one really miss those days.
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3 responses to “My Last Word On Last Man Standing

  1. Jeanne Steinberg

    I thought the same thing when I herd it was cancelled. But you are right, where was it going? I do think that the show was very Political, but that would be the writers and the station. It’s jut TV people. Something much better will be on in it’s place. Stay tuned.

  2. Jeanne Steinberg

    Oh crap. Why did I not proof my own comment? spelling error and no way to correct it. well I heard it not herd it. lol

    • LOL I use to be able to go in a fix it myself but they changed how the website works. Anyway, I know you didn’t want to “herd” me into TV land!
      You’re right, the show is political, but don’t they realize that it’s always been? It was the premise from day one. If ABC didn’t like that, why would they have aired the show in the first place and then go on to give it a 6 season run? Honestly, sometimes I feel like people actually LOOK for things to complain about! Like you, I will stay tuned for something new (and better) coming this fall!

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