Coming Soon, “Unforgettable – Trudy’s Story”

After literally years and years of working on my novel (based upon my mother’s life) I can finally say that the last of the chapters should be completed in about two months’ time. Then it could go into final editing before getting ready for release.

This book has been a true labor of love and the writing of it has, at many times, been quite cathartic for me. I must admit that a lot of the procrastination I experienced during the writing has been based more upon psychological reasons, rather than “writer’s block.” Something inside me was not ready to give up the total story for fear of having to once again “let go” of my mom. This book will be the last thing I will ever get to do “for her.” It is however very important for me to finish this manuscript on her behalf.

I realize that I will in fact never let go of my wonderful (and much missed) mother, as she will live on forever in my heart and in all the hearts of those whom she touched throughout her lifetime. I know that she would be very proud of my work and I truly believe that from above; she has guided me through the project.

I don’t know exactly how long the editing part of the book will take, but I do know that I am closer than ever before and that each passing day brings me closer to a release date.

I thank you all for your patience and for your words of encouragement. Having you in my corner has touched my heart and I cannot thank you enough. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a few names here. These special three women, only one of whom actually new my mother, were privy to reading Unforgettable as a work in progress. Their enthusiasm for the story to continue and for more chapters to arrive into their in box was an incredible inspiration to me. So I thank you Jeanne Steinberg, Chire Harvey, Cookie Vetere . Your encouragement, input, and most of all your interest to follow the story, kept the fire burning inside me. I would also like to give a special thank you to my cousin Susan Tunnell, who each day read a chapter or two of the book to her mother, Eunice, my mom’s only sister, while visiting her in the nursing home where she lived out her final days. My only regret is that I could not have completed the story while my dear Aunt Eunice was still alive. However I do know that she is up there with my mom rooting me on.

So once again, I ask you to be patient with me for just a little bit longer. In the meantime I have posted a small photo slide show to my YouTube channel so those who plan to read the book can get a glimpse of the “real” Trudy.

Thank you all.

Until next time



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7 responses to “Coming Soon, “Unforgettable – Trudy’s Story”

  1. Debbie Foley

    I know she was an amazing women to raise such a loving caring son. I do remember her from our childhood and how kind she was to me. To get a small glimpse into the years I didn’t know her makes me sad that I didn’t grown up with her like you and your family did. Can’t wait till your book is completed so I can be apart of your lives through your words.

    • Debbie, book or not, you will forever be a part of my life. The childhood years we spent together are some of my fondest memories and my mother DID love you and Cheryl both. I am so glad that we have found one another again and thrilled that one day you, one of my oldest and dearest friends, will be reading about and sharing the story of my mother’s life. Maybe there an be a book signing in Albany?!!

  2. Jeanne Steiberg

    Well my sweet friend, it’s almost time…not to let go of her memory, but to set your memories of her free so that everyone else can enjoy these wonderful stories that so passionately inspired you to write this book. Yes it was a long and sometimes painful journey for you, but you needed the time to re-live each moment in order to accurately convey those feelings into your own words. I’ll never forget being a part of that journey (I haven’t seen the bird for awhile) and I will never forget that you shared all of your memories and feelings with me. I cannot wait to read the book in chronological order so that it really makes sense to me. It was like trying to remember the middle of a dream without knowing the beginning and the end.
    I know that Trudy is smiling from above and I believe that she has made the decision for you to be finally finished with her lovely story. Not until the print meets the paper will I know that you are ok and at peace with losing your Mom and sharing her life story. I can hardly wait. ❤

    • Dearest Jeanne,
      So beautifully put and amazingly accurate. You were the very first to EVER share the journey with me, always there in my corner rooting me on. I remember quite well that you told me you actually felt as if you connected with my mom and about the little bird that would visit you while you read each story. You are correct once again my friend, I too believe that it was my mother’s decision for me to finally bring this (part of the) journey to an end. It will be my honor to finally share her story with the world. I also know that completing this book will not be an end to my writing, but instead be the beginning of it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your encouragement and faith in my ability. You truly are a dear and special friend. XOX

      • Jeanne

        Donald my sweet, sweet friend. We are soul mates as you well know. Distance and time apart mean nothing because in our hearts we will always remain close. I’m blessed to have been a part of this extrodinary journey with you. I would wake up every morning hoping that some new words and memories had come to you in the wee hours of the night and you’d be able too start or finish another chapter. I just wish I’d have had a chance to know Trudy. I’m sure we would have become friends.
        Wishing you all the best of what is yet to come my friend. Until then, keep writing and never forget that I love you and miss you. Friends forever. 😘

  3. Jeanne, no fair making me cry! Of course we will always ALWAYS be besties. We did not meet by accident, it was destiny. I too wish you had the opportunity to have known my mom personally. I am certain that she knows you for sure and I am happy that you can know her through my words. I love and miss you but there is not one single day that I do not think about you and hold you dear to my heart,

    • Jeanne

      Now who’s making who cry??? You are right about everything and it’s been way to long. I miss you!
      I miss us, I miss laughing with you about all the stupid things in our lives and just everything in general. We need to at least talk more. There now everyone knows we are closet besties. 😂 lol
      Seriously, I do miss you both. 😘❤

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