Hey, I Know That Girl!

One of the dearest people I know, my friend Christy Lamagna, has been featured in an American Express commercial. She tells the story of how Amex came to the rescue in her time of need. Of course she does so in her own inimitable way, which is as interesting and entertaining as it is educational.

It is no coincidence that American Express decided to team up with Christy for their piece. This perfect partnership depicts just how the most professional and savvy entrepreneurs make things happen without missing a beat. Christy absolutely exemplifies everything American Express represents; integrity, professionalism, dependability, and the drive to get the job done, the right way, every time!

Hats off to Christy for being one of the chosen few and kudos to Amex for recognizing how brightly their star can shine together.

Please go to the link below to see my friend’s commercial and I implore you to take a moment to click on the little “Youtube” icon on the bottom right, to comment about the fine job she does representing American Express. Your input could be what it takes to get her spot from “online” to television!

As always, thanks so much for your kind support.

Until next time,

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