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Getting to know you…

I guess anyone my age or older (even some younger) may feel that at times, the world is relying way too much upon technology and that we as a people, are losing our social skills in lieu of things like Texting, Tweeting, Facebooking, and Instagramming but I have to admit; had it not been for this very same technology, I may have forever remained a long lost relative to my biological father’s family.
After over fifty years… a HALF CENTURY, a small Facebook message has opened the door to a host of cousins, aunts, and an uncle that the years had made me almost forget about or at least, give up on the idea that we will ever know one another again.

An earlier Blog titled “Meeting Family,”  told the story of how I came to find my relatives and what it was like to speak to, and then meet with, my aunt and uncle for the first time. Today I would like to share the experience of literally “collecting” cousins via Facebook, learning about each other, and finding out just how much alike we are and how the common thread of family cannot be broken by either years or miles.

Last fall, through nothing less than a simple Facebook post; my cousin Michael and I realized that we both happened to be in New York City on the same day. Not only that, but we were mere blocks apart from one another! Very quickly a “post” became a “private message,” and that became a phone call and within minutes he and I finally met face-to-face in Columbus Circle.

He very much reminded me of his handsome father, who I had come to know solely through old family photos, kept in a box throughout the years, on my mother’s closet shelf. He and I shared the same big Massetti grin and a height that clearly came from outside that family tree. The Massetti’s are a beautiful people but they are also a testament to the old adage that “good things come in small packages!”

Michael and Me in Columbus Circle

Michael and Me in Columbus Circle

The same good fortune that brought me to NYC was also the same fortune that had to cut our meeting short as I was there to work and I was leaving the following morning. Still, we used our time wisely and got to know each other and rekindled a bond that will never be broken again.
I even got to meet his then charming girlfriend, who I am happy to report, is now his lovely wife Joanne!

Although I reside in Florida and he, in Washington State, we know we will see each other again and until then we keep up with posts and blurbs on Facebook, the medium that brought us together in the first place.

I have swapped recipes with my cousin Jocelyn along with countless jokes, stories and even general family info with her two sister’s Lucille (Ceil) and Diane.

Diane and I could get into trouble if we didn’t live across the country from each other as we both have a wicked sense of humor and a pretty sharp wit. She will be coming to Florida next spring and we plan to finally meet in person. The last time she saw me, I was 5 or 6 years old!

As it turns out, my cousin Rudy and his wife Donna also live in South Florida now, and he and I plan to get together in the near future. We only live 30 minutes away from each other. Who knew?

My cousin Debra is a sweetheart, daughter of my aunt Millie and Uncle Bill. I was fortunate enough to meet her and one of her handsome young sons when I went up to New York to see my Aunt for the first time.

I still have so much to learn about the Massetti family tree. So many cousins – and we are at the age now, that they not only have children, but grandchildren! I guess you can say that the family tree is really branching out.

I look forward to meeting all my family and catching up on way too much lost time.
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