A Letter to my Mother…

When I was a little boy you knew how much I needed you. After all, you were my great protector, my friend, my teacher, my supporter, and even my doctor. I counted on you to feed me, clean me, teach me, guide me, and to love me unconditionally.

When I became a man, you thought that I didn’t need you anymore but in fact, I needed you more than ever. You taught me more in my adult life than the basics you maneuvered me through in childhood. As an adult I learned from you, never to give up, to love my fellow human beings, to respect nature, to be kind, gentle, caring, supportive, empathetic, and loving. You taught me to appreciate the moment because we never know what tomorrow will bring, to be loyal to others, true to myself and uncomplaining. These were not the same “lessons” that guided me throughout my childhood. These things I learned from observation; by watching you.

Until the day you died, you headed my cheering section and had great pride in me. You saw things in me that I could not see in myself. You were the person I could turn for anything. I would run to you whenever things happened to me good or bad, because when they were good, no one would be happier for me than you. And when they were bad, you somehow gave it perspective and made it better. You would show me how to learn from it and grow as a person.

Your love was not only unconditional but never ending. I feel it still, transcending even death. I feel you all around me to this very day. I remember all the things we did together, the special moments we shared, the laughter, the joy and even the tears.

Today, even though you left this world almost ten years ago, you have never for a fleeting moment left my heart. I know in your own way you are at my side, still guiding me, protecting me, and loving me. You were, are, and always will be, my inspiration. You are my mother now and forever.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom… I love you,
Your son, your son.

Mom & Donald Nana's Lawnmom & me

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