Who’s Sorry Now?

Technology can make our life easier or when we depend upon it too much, can also make it frustrating and at times, even embarrassing. Many of us (I as the biggest offender) have learned to rely on “spell check” in our computers and “auto correct” for our cell phone texts. As if these options are not blessings enough, my phone now has voice command for my text messages. It’s really quite awesome, you simply touch the little microphone icon, speak your message and voila… in two seconds, voice command has it all typed out for you! Pretty nifty heh? Well it is when it understands what you’ve said, otherwise you can be sending a totally different message than the one you intended. Case in point; once when a friend asked me about a project I wanted to accomplish around the house, his text said, “you know if I were there, I would be glad to help you out.” What I intended to respond was, “If you were here, I would surly tackle it.” The answer he actually received (thanks to voice command) was, “if your wood was here, I would surely tickle it.” Talk about bringing your relationship to a whole new level quickly! Hahahaa…

I have been on both the sending and the receiving end of such texts, more often silly sounding than really embarrassing.  However recently, I sent THE text of all texts to my sister in New York. Allow me please to set the picture for you so that you can understand the reason for the text in the first place.

You see, for decades here in West Palm Beach there was a breakfast restaurant that had become quite a classic eatery within the community. Grandma Sarah’s Kitchen was known for their scrumptious menu and oversized portions. After something like 50 years, they sold the property they were on to CVS Drugs (naturally, we only have one on every other corner) and closed their doors forever. Shortly before they closed down, my sister Sharon and her husband Joe were here visiting and of course we made the pilgrimage to our favorite breakfast haunt. Sharon and Joe were in awe of the quaint restaurant and its old fashioned down home cooking. I remember that when our food arrived, we found it necessary to take photos of each plate as if it were a cover of some food magazine.

 Several months later, when they came for another visit and requested a trip to Grandma Sarah’s Kitchen, we had to break the bad news to them that sadly, Grandma Sarah’s was no more. Since that time we have gone out to breakfast together many, many times but still somehow our conversation always goes back to Grandma Sarah’s and how there will never be another one like that.

Well we recently found out that Grandma Sarah’s Kitchen is back!  They have reopened in another location and changed their name to simply Sarah’s Kitchen. The menu, staff (well a lot of them) and great food is all the same. James and I went there this weekend for breakfast and it was as wonderful as we remembered. So much so, that I felt it necessary to text my sister back in New York to share the good news. As we got into the car I took out my cell. That’s when I did it… sent out a text I had to call and explain (don’t ask me why I didn’t just call her in the first place). What I said into my phone was, “James and I are just pulling out of Grandma Sarah’s… They’re back!”

What was sent instead was, “James and I are pulling out of Grandma Sarah… bareback!” Clearly these are two very different messages and it painted such an absurd and freakish image that it became comical. Out of all the messages that I have let escape without proofing first, this one was the mother of all mistakes!

So here I sit; a guy who claims to be annoyed by the misuse of “I” over “me” and I just sent a perverted message to my sister! Perhaps I should learn to be as concerned about trusting auto correct and voice command as I am about simple grammar errors? After all, I would have far preferred my message to have said “James and me …” over, “pulled out of Grandma Sarah bareback!” Guess it was my turn to be humbled {{{blushing}}}.

Oh well, until next time,



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3 responses to “Who’s Sorry Now?

  1. christylamagna

    That was hysterical. Thank you for the wonderful laugh.

    The next post should be about ‘right text/email to the wrong person’ which is also a bit squirmish if you’ve even had such an ‘oops’ moment!

    • Glad it made you giggle. I can only imagine how your heart may drop at the moment you realize your message went to the wrong person! Sometimes we have no other option but to laugh at ourselves. 🙂

  2. christylamagna

    You two are unbelievable. I just left Cindi a message.

    That you made the introduction is all I need.

    I would very much like to pay for this.

    When times are abundant, that will be a different story.

    You give from your heart without limit and that is priceless.

    Love you both.



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