From Owner to Mother in One Quick Splash!

Yesterday marked one full month to the day that Buddy came into our life.  I have to say that I could not have planned for a better dog.  He is even-tempered, loves people, kids and especially other dogs.  We visit the dog park, “Pooch Pines” just about every other evening where he socializes with an array of other canine companions wrestling and running themselves into exhaustion.

With James away in Arizona all this week, Buddy and I only had each other for company.  Last weekend while I was writing my novel Unforgettable [based on the life and times of my mother], I found myself overwhelmed by emotion as I was forced to relive some very difficult memories.  Quite unexpectedly I found myself reduced to tears at which point, Buddy sensed my distress and jumped up onto my lap to kiss my face.  Then he curled himself around my waist in a “doggie hug” as he looked up into my face in sympathy.  It was very tender and one of those moments when you realize that a dog is truly capable of love and caring.

Well weather-wise in South Florida, this week was exceptional.  From Monday thru Thursday I kept all the windows and doors open to let in the cool temps (upper 70’s) along with the unusually dry air.  We have a pool in our back yard and since day one; Buddy’s natural intuition has kept him away from the edge.  He had no problem walking [or even running] around the pool but always steered clear of the edge.

Well yesterday while I was sweeping up the patio, I noticed a gurgling sound coming from our neighbor’s yard.  These neighbors’ don’t live here full time so I keep an eye on their home for them.  I recognized the sound as the warning that the water level was getting low in their pool so I turned my back for a moment to try to look through the hedge to see if I was right [which I was].  At that moment, from behind me I heard a “SPLASH!”  I quickly turned to see that little Buddy had fallen into the pool.  His pathetic expression was one of sheer panic and total distress.  Clearly he had been shocked by the sudden plunge. 

The only thought that crossed my mind was to make him feel safe again ASAP, so I jumped into the water to retrieve him.  He did manage to paddle [I guess that’s why it’s actually called “doggie paddle”] to the pool’s wall but he was not able to get himself up over the coping to dry land.  I picked him up and put him onto the patio.  I grabbed a bath towel and proceeded to dry him off.  He was still shaken from the experience.  I got a second dry towel and wrapped it around him.  Once swaddled in the soft terry comfort, he lay in my arms like an infant with NO desire to be on his own.  It took a full 20 minutes before the initial shock wore off and I could place him down again.

Well I guess something clicked in Buddy’s head.  He now viewed me as more than the guy he lives with who feeds, walks, bathes and plays with him.  He suddenly saw me as his great protector.  For the rest of the day he was no longer content to sit “by” my feet as I did my computer work but opted instead to “lay on” them.  Each and every time I got up to walk, he literally stayed up against my legs taking each step with me.  Whenever the opportunity would arise, he would leap onto my lap and lick my chin.  I felt like his mother or at least felt that he viewed me as such.

So as we head into our second month together, I strongly feel that Buddy realizes that whatever may have happened in his young life before he came to us, he is here to stay.  What’s more, he will be well taken care of.  Ironically, after he comforted me in my distress last Saturday, I realize the same thing.  Life IS good!

Until next time,



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6 responses to “From Owner to Mother in One Quick Splash!

  1. Jeanne

    Thank God he is ok. Next time (if there is a next time or if you are up to actually taking him into the pool) show him where the steps are. This way (God forbid) he should ever fall in again he will know which direction to head to save himself. He won’t get it if you just show him the steps from the outside he has to astually see them from inside the pool. It’s for his own good, but believe me…if he has any terrier in him (which we know he does) he is going to walk a wide circle around that pool each time.
    So, now you know what it’s like to be a real Mom. xoxxox kisses to my little furry friend.

    • Hahahaaa… Our plan always was to take him into the pool and show him the steps. Once the water warmed up enough this season to actually go in there [which we hope will be next month]. He just beat us to the punch! He’s a bit like my mother, spontanious, zany and unpredictable. He knows better now though. LOL His whole “ordeal” last under 30 seconds but the lesson was a good one to him. Also, he is never allowed out there without supervision for that exact reason but golly geee… just turn your head for a second! Kids!!!! Hahahaaaaa


    So scary Don my girlfriend and i saved my neighbors dog. We heard yellping and saw the dog was struggling in the pool .Their gate aws locked and as we tried to get over the fench we saw the dog was going under. of courese we made it in time to save the dog which was too exhausted and had no way out to help itself. Keep a close eye !!!

    • I always do Tee. he is not allowed into the yard without supervison for that reason but I just turned away for a moment. I don’t think there is any reason to fear, he seemed to learn a valuable lesson.

  3. Marcia

    Well, Mom. Looks like you’re going to have to
    look into Mommy and Me swim lessons for Buddy.

    • Well we’ll try when the pool warms up next month but as much as he loves to take showers (and adores getting blown dry) I don’t think he is keen on total submersion… at least not after that. We WILL take him in the pool with us and teach him where the steps are, just in case. Buddy’s a pretty smart pup, He’ll learn fast. Probably become the Mark Spitz of doggies! LOL xo

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