Ooey Gooey Cheesy Comfort…

Just in case you were wondering, today is National Grilled Cheese Day.  We actually have a “national day” for just about everything from doughnuts (June 3) to pancakes (Feb. 28) to onion rings (June 22) but no other can compare to the soothing comfort of National Grilled Cheese Day! 

Never before has there been a better day for me to relate to.  Just the very mention of “grilled cheese” can conjure up wonderful childhood memories like no other single food in an American boy’s life.  Who cannot recall the joy of dipping the corner of the melted, toasty treat into a steaming hot bowl of tomato soup?  Let’s face it; this is one food that moms never have to beg their kids to eat!  To this very day should I find myself sick in bed; I still long for that comforting grilled cheese sandwich. 

The simple grilled cheese is where our love affair for melted cheese on “stuff” was first born.  If you can melt cheese between bread and it can taste this good; the possibilities are endless.  You can melt cheese with broccoli, macaroni, French fries or just throw caution to the wind and skip the “stuff” and just go for it with a hot bowl of cheddar cheese soup… melted cheese by the spoonful!

On those rare occasions; and I do mean rare… when my BFF Jeanne and I can get together for a lunch, grilled cheese is our guilty pleasure.  And I must admit, I make a few really good versions, however the secret is really in the cheese.  If I am using the traditional American cheese it is a MUST that I use, Land O’ Lake’s WHITE American.  It makes a huge difference.  People have actually asked me what kind of cheese I use because it’s so delicious!  My local market stopped carrying it and I went on line to see where else I can buy it.  Turns out they have it at Wal-Mart of all places.

Whatever cheese or bread you use… I hope you take the opportunity to celebrate National grilled Cheese Day.

Until next time,


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