The Proof is in the Reading

Today I received the “proof” of my little children’s book “Donald and the New Baby.”

This proof shows exactly what the finished product will look and feel like.  As luck would have it, my sister Sharon; whom this book was written for as a 40th birthday gift, is visiting from New York.  It almost brought tears to my eyes to watch her hold and read the tiny story to her two children.  Sharon became a bit choked-up while reading the dedication page… which I thought was sweet.

The colorful illustrations created by illustrator Brandon Lane, are modern, fun and definitely help to bring my story to life.  I also like the fine job that designer Stan Perl did with the layout, as well as front and back cover design.  The back cover has a “teaser” about the story which reads; “Donald could not help but wonder what it would be like to have a brother.  Little Donald has three sisters and dreams of having a little brother.  When his parents announce that his mom is going to have another baby, Donald gets very excited and starts to plan all sorts of fun things he can do with his new little brother.  But what if Donald gets a fourth sister?  What will he do then?  Find out in… Donald and the New Baby.” 

It is now my job to read and re-read the little book to find any small typos or errors before it goes into print next month.  Also, a decision has to be made regarding the audio version of the book.  You see, the book will come with a free audio download that you can access from a computer by entering the book’s code into the Tate Publishing website.  Once you do this, you can either copy it onto a CD, put it into your i-Pod (to listen on the go) or simply listen from your PC’s speakers. 

I had just assumed that I would be using one of the publishing company’s professional narrators but I also have the option of doing my own narration.  Now this is my conundrum, Sharon feels strongly that for posterity, the story should be told by me, reading it as I intended it to be read.  In a way I do understand why she feels as she does but to tell you the truth, I don’t really care for the sound of my own voice.  I find it to be too nasal and I have often joked that I sometimes sound like Bea Arthur with a cold!  Maybe sometimes it’s best to let the professionals do their job.  What do you think?  Should I bite the bullet and try to do the best I can with the voice God gave me or have a narrator do the voiceover for me?  I only have a few days left to make the decision.  Help!!!

Until next time,



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8 responses to “The Proof is in the Reading

  1. glo-

    I don’t know anyone who likes the sound of their own voice. Having said that I would like to add that I have always found your voice to have a soothing & comforting quality which I think would lend itself perfectly to narrating a story for children. A Mr. Rogers effect, if you will. Also, I think you will add a personal quality to the telling of your own story that a narrator would not have. Good luck whatever you decide. When is your book signing & when does the tour begin?

  2. Hahahaaaa… You’ll have to stay tuned for important announcements regarding the 2012 book tour! Love ya Glo XO

  3. Sue Tunnell

    Go for it Don! U may not like the sound of ur voice but we all do! Besides I LOVE Bea Arthur’s voice – nasal or not! Lol!

  4. C. Harvey

    Don, I love your voice too. Take a stab at it, I agree with your sister, only you can read it the way it is meant to read.

  5. Marcia

    I was going to suggest James Earl Jones if
    you didn’t narrate yourself. LOL. But, seriously I agree with everyone else – you should do it. I love your voice.

  6. Jc

    Bea with a cold, that’s classic. Try it and see how it comes out. Or better yet, See if you can get Morgan Freeman to do it.

  7. Morgan Freeman… also too busy (guess he dosn’t realize the importance of this project! Does anyone know if Paul Winchell is still alive? He’d be my #1 choice! 😉
    Maybe Oprah???

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