T Minus Ten and Counting:

I would like to thank everyone who’s been checking in with me to see how long it will be before my children’s book; “Donald and the New Baby” is available for purchase.

I am happy to report that the time is very near.  I have made final changes and approved my cover design.  My manuscript has entered a stage called “Layout & Initial Proof.”

Now that my illustrations are all finished and the cover is designed, my book goes into “layout.”  During this part of the process, they will take my manuscript and make it look like a book!  They’ll be integrating the illustrations with the text using fonts and other design elements to create a layout that mimics the look and feel of the cover and illustrations. I’ll be receiving an initial proof near the end of this month via e-mail.

After hearing back from me regarding the initial proof, they’ll be getting my final proof ready for my review.  Once I sign off on it, a back cover and spine will be created using the backmatter [tiny bio about the author with photo] that I have already approved with my editor.  This book is for very young children so the backmatter was kept simple and brief; about two lines.  The back cover will be designed to fit the visual aesthetic of the front cover.

My final proof will arrive (via US Mail) within the first two weeks of next month. This proof will look nearly identical to my final printed book. It will have the full cover, spine, and back cover bound with the text exactly as it will appear in the final books, and the color will be accurate. I’ll have one last opportunity to mark any final changes at that time. Once I sign the approval forms, my marketing representative will contact me to discuss promoting my book as it goes into print!

Looking forward to visiting a bookstore near you soon!

Until next time,



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4 responses to “T Minus Ten and Counting:

  1. C. Harvey

    Oh my goodness Don, this is so exciting! I am so happy for you!

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