News Verses Nonsense:

So I was sipping my morning coffee while watching Good Morning America when a report came on regarding “The Royal Dog.”  It seems Prince William and Kate have adopted a black cocker spaniel and the reporter actually said these words… “We have been desperately trying to find out the name.”  Apparently the “Palace” wanted to keep the pup’s name a secret, citing “the couple’s privacy” for the reason. 

Honestly people, reporters have been “desperately” trying to find out the name?  Desperately?  According to the dictionary, the very word by definition means: “Undertaken out of extreme urgency, nearly hopeless; critical, suffering or driven by great need or distress.” 

Have we as a people become so obsessed with nothing – that we find ourselves desperate to know the pooch’s name?  Well thank goodness the case has been broken and word is out.  We can all rest easily again knowing that the hound’s name is Lupo.  I for one will sleep much better tonight armed with this bit of information.

I might add that GMA regarded this story to be so urgent, that it was reported within the first 20 minutes of the show.  This was not “filler” designed to take up space as the show drew to a close but rather; breaking news, using up the time reserved for the most important world news issues of the day!

Maybe it was a slow news day you say?  Well you be the judge.  Aside from the obvious GOP nomination trials and tribulations, the economy and gas prices, there was the Gabe Watson/Scuba Diving murder trial taking place plus… the U.S. embassy in Kubul went into lockdown after five people were killed during Quarn burning protests, two journalists were killed in Syria during government forces shelling of Homs and 550 people were injured when a train crashed into a platform in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I’m not saying that there is no place for cute little puppy-dog stories not to mention the endless details of the British Royal Family’s day-to-day life but how about a little perspective people?  With only a half an hour to devote to the news in the morning before work; I personally would much rather have been informed about actual news rather than gossip.

If on the other hand you’re one of those who are obsessed with William and Kate, you may be on edge waiting for photos of their canine companion to surface.  Take heart, I am certain the news media around the world have their best investigative reporters on the job.  I am willing to bet that somewhere in England there’s at least one fellow perched high in a tree with camera in hand.  I’m just sayin’.

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  1. Theresa Kane

    That’s because they know that many people are obsessed with Hollywood or any other gossip . Its so out of control. Oh and this IS coming from an animal lover, dogs especially.

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