The Illustration Stage at Last!

Well after two rounds of editing, my children’s book [which in the final edits went back to its original title “Donald and the New Baby”] has entered the illustration phase.

I have several styles to choose from, none being my original concept, which was to fashion it after the old “Fun With Dick and Jane” readers but that was when I thought it was going to be a big picture book with only a sentence or two per page [much like those readers were].

The styles I was sent for consideration range from the geometric, angular faced characters with very big eyes, now made famous by those imported Asian cartoons [ala Pokemon] to characters that look almost inspired by Archie comic books.  I have narrowed it down to three that I feel work with my story.  The first looks very much like a character that I have been drawing myself for decades, the second is almost 70’s retro cartoon and the third; the most detailed and closest to my original concept.

I have posted them below and would LOVE for you to take the time to “vote” for your prefrence.  Although I can’t guarantee that I will go with the poll results [as the publisher has the power to veto] I would still be very interested in what you all have to say about it… and who knows?  Maybe the poll will carry clout!  They are numbered Concepts 1-3 for easy voting.






I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon to talk about it all and decide exactly what my ten illustrations will depict to best convey my story.  Final decisions have to be made by Wednesday to keep my release on time. 

That said, I would rather be very satisfied with the final result and wait longer for release than be hasty and worse yet… regretful.

Just for inspiration I have also added an actual picture of Sharon taken June 1970, making her 18 months old in the photo…

The Real Sharon Rose

Well all, I am looking forward to your input.  Thanks for your help. I’ll keep you posted on the final decision.   


Until next time, 





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9 responses to “The Illustration Stage at Last!

  1. Marcia

    Definitely not the first one. I’m judging mostly on what seems to appeal to my four year old grandson. The second has a cartoon type appeal while the third has brighter color. Logan responded more to the second. Hope that helps.

  2. Jeanne

    Well having a new granddaughter myself and reading her the books that she personally loves and goes back to often, I’d have to say they are whimsical with bright colors and other identifiable objects on each page. She enjoys picking out the colors and objects while she listens to the story. I like #1 but would like #2 if were more colorful. I know that’s not much help but kids like colors and things that are memorable

  3. Theresa Kane

    Gee i like them all for different reasons. The first is bright and colorful but maybe to babyish. The second up to date with the times and pretty too. The third looks like more of a classic look for childrens reader books. Boy if this doesnt confuse you even more. I think im leaning toward 3? LOL

  4. Lucille Doyle

    I like #3. Maybe because I lived with all boys for so long. I agree it should have bright colors. Hope it helps, Cuz..

  5. Sharon Rose

    Hey don, it’s number three for me too.

  6. I’m voting based only on what I think would be most marketable to children today, which would be #2. The others looks a bit too out of date, I think…

  7. C. Harvey

    Decisions! Decisions! I like #2.

  8. Sue LaMantia

    I like # 2.

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