Geez, I Am Such a Hopeless Sap!

The other day, my dear and sweet friend Hilary, posted a vintage Hallmark tearjerker commercial (circa 1990) on her Facebook page.  Of course being the sap that I am, I got all misty watching it.  I can’t even control myself when I watch the Folgers’s Coffee commercial. You know the one.  It’s on about every fifteen minutes.  The young girl stays up all night waiting for her big brother to return from West Africa.  He pulls a small gift from his duffle bag and hands it to his sister.  She in turn, removes the bow from the package and sticks it onto the young man’s shirt.  “What are you doing?” the fellow asks her.  “You’re my present this year,” she replies as the parents look on from behind the kitchen door.   Blahhhhh!  I am at it again!  Seriously Don?  EVERY time???

I have been like this my whole life.  If you ask me, I am way too over emotional but it seems to be my hopeless destiny.  I remember as a child I would ball my eyes out  whenever I heard the song “How Much is That Doggie in the Window.”  I could never get through the verse that says, “I must take a trip to California and leave my poor sweetheart alone.  If he had a dog, he won’t be lonely… and the doggie will have a nice home.”  Don’t even get me started on “Puff the Magic Dragon!”

I guess if I went through enough psychotherapy, the root to my very emotional personality would probably date back to losing so many family members at a very young age… but to be honest, understanding why does not help to control the emotional waterworks in this ole’ man.

So I guess I will forever be one of the “targeted” people that the advertising agencies prey upon, especially now during the holiday season.  The good news is; the holidays are a time for getting in touch with your emotions and feeling free to show just how much you love… even if you’re a six foot one, two hundred pound, middle-aged, card carrying Teamster, Italian man, from New York City!

I guess what I am trying to say is; go ahead folks, let your inner child out this holiday season.  Too bad most of us can’t be like this all year through.  It would be a much better world if everyone was a bit more sentimental and a lot less aggressive.

Wishing you all a season of peace, joy, love, prosperity and the good health to enjoy it all.


Until next time,



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2 responses to “Geez, I Am Such a Hopeless Sap!

  1. There’s one hallmark commercial that always has me crying for days. In it, a young girl sees an elderly neighbor checking her empty mailbox everyday and decides to leave a card in her mailbox so it won’t be empty anymore. I remember as a child, sobbing to my mother, “Why is her mailbox empty??”

    Don, maybe the advertising agencies target us, but I’d rather be one of the hallmark-commercial-sobbers over some dry, rational person any day 🙂

    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  2. I know it well Abby. That gets me too. Well here’s to us saps in all our watery-eyed glory… happy Holidays to us all and a sentimental New Year too!

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