I’m Baaaaaack!

I had a very nice time in Las Vegas (I left last Thursday) but I am home again and anxious to tell you all about my trip.

I arrived early afternoon and after checking into my suite at the Palazzo, I did some unpacking and ironing.  I know; what an exciting way to start my Vegas extravaganza!  What can I say?  It had to be done.

After a quick shower, I changed and we headed on down to The Red Rock Resort where we were to have a site-inspection of the property starting at 2:00 PM.  We met with Erica who was an absolute doll.  She first treated us to a beautiful poolside lunch.  I had the chipotle shrimp salad (I’m still making better food choices.  I know “what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas,” but I don’t think that pertains to calories). In any case, my lunch was delish!

After a leisurely luncheon, Erica took us on a tour of the hotel showing us all of its unbelievable meeting and event space.  Before I knew it, we were finished and saying goodbye to our newfound friend.  Fortunately that was the only order of business on the agenda for the trip and to be honest, it was much more like spending some quality time with a colleague than it was actual work.

Now we were on our own!  Understand that neither one of us are gamblers so casinos are not really the Vegas draw for us, but we do love the shows!  We went back to our hotel and took in the shops and the sights before going upstairs to our suite so we could change for dinner and our first show, “Jersey Boys.”  We had about twenty opportunities to see this show on Broadway, in New York City but somehow managed to miss each one.  I always loved the music of the Four Seasons and never knew why the original group broke up and I was looking forward to the answer tonight!  It was everything I had hoped it would be… a really great story with terrific music.  It was interesting to learn that Bob Gaudio wrote their first hit “Sherry” in less than 15minutes on his way to Frankie Valli’s house.  The song took Bob Gaudio less time to write then it did for everyone to decide upon what to call it.  They sang the song over the phone for their producer, Bob Crewe, who loved everything about it except the name (It was originally called Terry).   They had briefly considered “Jackie” (after Jackie Kennedy), but finally agreed upon Sherry.  All in all the story of the Four Season’s was fun, nostalgic, interesting and above all, entertaining.  Click here

6th Row Center... That's What I'm Talkin' Bout!

The following night we had tickets to see “LOVE.”  It is a Cirque du Soleil production set to the music of the Beatles.  Two great shows.  Together they were the soundtrack of my youth!

Once Again, In the Heart of Things

Back home in Florida, our dear friend and neighbor had sold her home and moved away.  Thankfully, we will be friends forever; it was just as neighbors that it came time to part.  Gloria had sold her home to a lovely couple from New York.  They are using the Florida home as a sort of weekend retreat.  They have come down often in the past months since they have purchased the home, but our schedules never seem to jive and we keep missing each other.  That is until this night.  It seemed we were both in Vegas at the same time.  Although we couldn’t connect as neighbors, we did get to share a lovely Italian dinner at the Mirage Hotel, two thousand miles from our homes.  Go figure!

After dinner, we set off to see LOVE which was playing right there at the Mirage.  It was a spectacle of music, color, light, costumes and of course, all of the aerial acts that make a Cirque show so special.


Our days were reserved for lollygagging around the pool with nothing to do but relax.  I can’t tell you how long it has been since we had a chance to do that.

Looking Straight Up... Poolside

I know that I had abandoned my Blogging duties, but I trust you’ll forgive me if you realize that this was my first vacation in over three years.

Sunrise Over the Mountains

It was a great trip but it is also good to be back. 

Update on my weight loss:

I am down over ten pounds in spite of the fact that I indulged in some fried chicken the other night.  We were exhausted and couldn’t even think of cooking.  I could have made a better choice than fried chicken, but what the hay, you only live once.  Besides, it was just one piece.  One huge, juicy, deep fried breast that I enjoyed with a salad.  Worst case scenario would be that I didn’t lose anything that day but, I certainly didn’t gain anything from it either… except the big smile on my face!

Until next time,


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One response to “I’m Baaaaaack!

  1. Maureen Rothwell

    So glad you had a great time brother! I am beginning to forget what you look like, when are you available? Love and miss you! Maur
    PS: happy about the weight loss too, I also finally lost some of the weight that I had put on in Puerto Rico… but need to tone my flabby bod!

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