A Day without Drama is Like a Day without Sunshine!

Aside from the obvious loss of a loved one, there is nothing that can get your heart racing faster than reaching for your wallet only to find it missing!

Yesterday afternoon, we went to visit a family member in the hospital.  After our visit, James and I decided to have an early dinner.  We went to one of those famous Florida buffets houses where I was quite pleased with my “healthy choices” (which will be discussed in tomorrow’s Blog) when we had the great idea to purchase a to-go order to run it up to the hospital, where James’ dad was quickly losing weight from the world’s worst food.  If you can believe it, even the roll that came with his lunch was uneatable.

James had been doing the driving but when we reach the hospital to drop off the food, we switched places.  I sat behind the wheel while he quickly ran the food upstairs.

I was wearing a new pair of jeans from Rocawear and I had joked earlier in the day that someone should call Jay-Z and let him know that the lower back pockets may look cool, but makes it virtually impossible to sit when your wallet is in your back pocket.  So I was reduced to holding my wallet all day.

Earlier today while I was out running errands, I received a frantic call from James.  It seems that he could not find his wallet anywhere and he had turned the house upside-down looking.

I tried to calm him down while I looked in the car.  James is infamous for leaving his wallet in the side pocket of the driver’s door or in the bin between the seats.  He swore that he had never put it there yesterday and my search yielded no result.  Then it occurred to me that he had stored his wallet in the carrying case of his laptop.  He had placed that bag in the trunk.  Could it be that his wallet had fallen out of the case and into the trunk?  It was certainly worth a look.  Sure enough, his wallet was there.  Even over the cell phone, I could hear him breathe a sigh of relief.  I headed straight home to bring him his wallet.

Then quite suddenly, something told me to check my back pocket for my wallet.  Much to my horror, it was also missing.

I tried not to panic and told myself that I must have left it on my desk.  Well I guess it goes without saying that it was not there when I got home.  Now here we were in panic mode number two!

Together we checked every nook and cranny in the house.  I emptied the garbage can in both the kitchen and the big one in the garage.  Finally I called the restaurant that we ate at yesterday, the last place that I had used my wallet.  An angry foreign voice on the other end of the line simply yelled back “No!” and slammed the phone down.

After tracing all of the steps we took yesterday, James and I had to both agree that I must have dropped it when we switched places at the hospital yesterday,

I rang up the hospital and was connected with Lost & Found.  They had not received a wallet.  Then I was connected with security who also said that no wallet was turned in to them either.  They were going to check all departments in the hospital and get back to me.

In the meantime, I went on-line to trace the use of all the cards I had in the missing wallet.  So far so good, no charges were made.  Could it be that it was turned in to someone at the hospital who didn’t get to the lost and Found just yet?  Maybe whoever found it was trying to locate me?

Finally the phone rang.  Our search was now approaching three hours and I was anxious to know if it were found or if I had to do some fast banking management.  It was the head of security for the hospital on the line.  I was told that their search produced no wallet.  They even checked trash cans in the event that whoever found it, might have taken the cash and junked the wallet and the cards.  I was advised to call up my bank, the credit card companies, etc. and cancel all my cards.  I could use my passport to get new ID.

Before I placed the call, James asked if I had checked every place that it could possibly be.  I confirmed that I did and even checked places that I knew it couldn’t truly be!  I told him that I even checked all my shoes, just in case it had accidently fallen and landed in a shoe.

That’s when a light bulb seemed to go on in James’ head.  “Shoes!” he shouted.  “Wait a moment!”

A second later I heard him call out from the closet, “Here it is!  I have it!”

It seems that last night after dropping off the food, when he stepped into the car, he took his shoes off.  He noticed my wallet on the floor of the car and tucked it into his shoe for safe keeping so it would not get left in the car.  However when we reached our house, he opted to stay barefoot and carried his shoes inside.  Forgetting that the wallet was there, he simply put his shoes away.  Due to the first missing wallet panic, the events of yesterday had understandably slipped his mind.

I couldn’t have cared any less, how the wallet wound up in his shoe.  The only thing that mattered was that it was not lost or stolen.

We had a good laugh over it (after my blood pressure returned to normal) and I am happy to say, that all is calm here in West Palm Beach once more.

Is There Any Feeling Worse Than A Missing Wallet?

Until next time,




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2 responses to “A Day without Drama is Like a Day without Sunshine!

  1. Janice

    Oh my gosh! Horrible! If I had a nickle for every minute I spent looking for something, I’d be a millionaire! Must run in the family. Glad all ended well:))

  2. Theresa

    I hate that sinking feeling. Happy that it’s safe and sound.

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