Whatever Happened to “Real” Reality?

In my never-ending quest to keep you well informed, allow me to tell you about a little article I came across today.  It was in regards to hooking oneself up with, are you ready for this?  …a mock girlfriend!

Are you lonely? Going through a dry spell? In the closet? Trying to avoid getting set up by your well-meaning friends?

Well now thanks to a little texting site called, “FakeGirlfriend.co” (it IS co… there is no “m”) you can pretend to be in partnered bliss.  It’s easy to use; all you need is a cell phone!

You set up your contacts with your imaginary mate’s name.   It’s up to you whether your gal is a sexy “Veronique” or perhaps a much more wholesome “Kathy.”  You then give that contact name the FakeGirlfriend.co phone number.  At some point during the evening, after informing your friends about the hot, little babe you’ve been seeing lately, you send a text message to that number.  A minute or two later, you’ll get a text message back that will appear to have been sent by your sweetie pie.  As if that isn’t good enough, give it another few minutes and you’ll get a genuine phone call with a pre-recorded voice message.  Yes folks this IS for real!

I guess this should come as no surprise in today’s society where texting has replace visiting or even, phoning one another and our popularity is based on the number of Facebook friends we can brag about.

I love the Toyota commercial with the girl who claims to be worried about her parents because she set them up with a Facebook account and they only have 19 friends (because they’re actually out experiencing life) while she sits at a table with a laptop and brags that she has 680 friends.  True it’s funny, but it wouldn’t be if it didn’t really speak about today’s culture.

Why go through all the trouble of getting to know a real live person when you can fake it and still be home early enough to watch your favorite reality show?  Oh, reality shows… don’t get me started on those!  Hahaha!

It just goes to show that somehow along the way our “reality” has become very muddled lately.  Instead of visiting friends like they did in our parents’ day, we’d rather watch spoiled “housewives” on television who can’t seem to spend more than a few minutes in the same room without almost coming to blows.  We sit on a sofa and watch others have an “amazing race” around the world, pick their fiancé from a dozen professional models or witness total strangers get themselves in shape by becoming the biggest loser while we eat donuts watching them do so.

I cannot claim total immunity to the techno-copout, faux reality lifestyle.  I must confess that I am oddly interested in finding out if Nancy Grace can indeed cha-cha better than Ricki Lake, although I must admit with the lineup of celebrities this season, Dancing with the Stars may have to change its name to Dancing with the Wannabes.  I text silly messages to my buddy Tom across the country instead of phoning and I do spend a rather large amount of time staring at my laptop.

That said; I am trying to live my own dream by finishing my novel and getting my children’s story published.  This morning’s long, hard look in the mirror after my shower has set me on the path to exercising for my health and hopefully my soapbox stance today may make others re-examine their own rut as well.

If however you do for some strange reason (and believe me, I don’t want to know why) you are in the market for a fake girlfriend, I am glad I was able to oblige!

The Girlfriend of the Future?

Until next time,



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One response to “Whatever Happened to “Real” Reality?

  1. Theresa

    Pretty In Pink -I dont think so. God I still continue to be shocked at what they will think up next. Sorry to say, there will be a couple of peolple out there who are going to love the idea of this Girlfriend of the Future-LOl

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