Living the Blog:

Yesterday we had a dear old friend come to stay with us.  Barbara has been a part of our life for twenty years.

She was to arrive sometime after 4:30 PM and spend the night.

By the time James and I had finished our work, Barbara was at the gate.  This left us literally no time to prepare dinner.  Not wanting to go out to a restaurant, we checked the resources in our pantry and fridge.

After taking careful inventory, we decided to make some homemade fettuccini.

It was all hands on deck, as velvety smooth layers of fresh pasta dough rolled out from the press.  Barbara not only enjoyed the process but decided to purchase a pasta maker of her own.  Before we knew it, we had enough fresh fettuccini to feed a third world nation.  Dressed with crispy sautéed pancetta bits and garden fresh peas, for me the dish needed little more than a sprinkle of cracked black pepper and a good helping of parmesan cheese, but the added touch of toasted breadcrumbs really brought it all home!   

We paired the meal with roasted peppers and some grilled baby eggplants topped with a golden brown mixture of breadcrumbs and parmesan.  A caprese salad made with halved grape tomatoes and tiny fresh mozzarella balls gave us a great opportunity to use the basil we grow in our back yard and was simply yummy!  It was a meal fit for a king that caused yours truly to proclaim, “Who eats better than us peasants?”

Of course what visit to our home would be complete without a freshly baked Aunt Lucy Cake?

As we sat at the table, sipping on coffee and enjoying a small piece of pound cake, I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I realized that my Blog is truly a journalistic diary of our day-to-day life.  I guess to put it simply; I am literally “Living the Blog!”


Leftover Aunt Lucy Cake, waiting for tonight's dessert

Until next time,



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2 responses to “Living the Blog:

  1. Debbie Foley

    You could cook for me any time. Everything sounds soooo good!

  2. Any time you make your way to South Florida, I would be delighted to be your cook! What could be better than reminiscing with a dear friend over some good food?

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