Donald and the New Baby… The Countdown Begins!

Click here for the background music to this story:  Please Dont Eat The Daisies

The last of my contract is finally signed, sealed and delivered.  My children’s book “Donald and the New Baby” is about to become a reality! 

The overnight deliveries have been flying back and forth.  I have signed and or initialed the last 21 pages of documents that will now truly get the publishing process started.  I have not only signed off on printed copies, but also e-books, audio books and even ancillary items, i.e. tee shirts, music CD’s, bookmarks etc. to be designed around my story, should I ever be that lucky! 

My publisher is now going to put my story in the hands of a few illustrators so we can collectively decide on the best fit for my book.  It is indeed a very exciting time for me.  I can hardly wait to see a few artists’ interpretations of my characters. 

I have already been contacted by two different teachers that are interested in having me come to present my book to their school once it is out in print. 

My new acquisitions editor, Noel is an absolute doll.  We had a wonderful phone conversation today and I am more amped than ever about “Donald and the New Baby.”  Noel told me that the publisher is excited about the story for many reasons.  They like that it was written in honor of my sister and recalls the true-life account of her birth and our childhood together.  They like that the story has a good message and most of all; they think that the book is very marketable.  Let’s face it, when a publisher decides to publish your book, they need to know that it will make money for them.  As wonderful as it would be to simply publish stories out of kindness, they would soon find themselves bankrupt!  

Noel followed-up our phone conversation with an email that has left me inspired!

The following is a direct cut and paste from Noel’s follow-up email:

“Donald, You are such a gem! I loved talking to you and can tell you have the “IT” factor that it takes to get this book moving and shaking!!”  She than added, “I’m soooo excited about your blog!! Email me the link. Also be sure to post it on our page!!”

So I am moving forward with a company that seems to be as excited about my book project as I am, and that is a really good feeling. 

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress, and who knows?  Maybe I can even share with you an illustration rendering… if it is allowed. 

The Real-Life Donald and the New Baby AKA Sharon Rose

Until next time,



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3 responses to “Donald and the New Baby… The Countdown Begins!

  1. Theresa

    We always knew you had the IT factor. Im glad others see it too.-Very exciting

  2. Patsy Monsoon

    Darling, you are like a fine wine. You simply get better with age xxxx. Champagne has not been so kind to me!

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