Endless Pasta-bilities:

Well it’s almost midnight and I finally have a moment of quiet time to sit down and collect my thoughts. 

It was a wonderful Saturday, not quite what I expected, but none the less very pleasant.

My partner James and I had recently purchased a pasta making machine.  We bought it while we were up in Orlando on business.  We certainly didn’t have such an odd purchase in our plan, but the price was too good to pass up.  We both enjoy cooking and thought that having all the family over for some homemade pasta could be a fun way to fill a weekend afternoon.  

I placed calls to all the family (well everyone that lives down here in Florida).  As luck would have it, I was unable to personally speak with anyone, save for James’ father, so I left messages. 

To get a jump on things we set the dining room table the night before.  Hahaha… our FIRST mistake! 

The first person to call back was my dad.  He confirmed that would be joining us.  I asked if my sister Maureen and her new husband Ralph (who are temporarily living with my father, while Ralph relocates from North Carolina) would be able to come as well.  Dad couldn’t answer for them but assured me that he would pass on the message and have my sister get back to me. 

My next call-back was from my sister Janice.  She said that she too would love to come but didn’t know if her husband, Dave would be able to make it, as she didn’t know what his weekend work schedule was yet.  She did however give me a heads-up that Ralph, who had started a new job, would not be able to join us because he works on Saturdays.  So I removed a place setting from the table.    

Later Maureen called and not only confirmed that Ralph couldn’t make it, but neither could she, due to a prior engagement.  So I removed another place setting from the table. 

A few hours later, Janice rang me up.  She said that she would still be happy to come to lunch but Dave definitely had to work and was unable to attend.  So I removed another place setting from the table.  Are you sensing a pattern here yet? 

Then this morning as I was baking a pumpkin cake for this afternoon’s dessert, Janice called again.  The poor girl sounded horrible as she explained that she had taken ill during the night and was unable to come to lunch.  So, you got it… I removed another place setting from the table.  

We now had 16 chicken breasts prepared al a cacciatore style to serve with our homemade pasta and only four of us left to partake of the feast!  

So finally one o’clock rolls around and our two dads arrive.  James and I start to prepare the homemade pasta.  The machine does a really nice job of mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough.  Then at last it begins to dispense the dough through the die for our fresh spaghetti.  The four of us were staring on in amazement, as right before our eyes actual pasta noodles began to emerge from the machine.  However the dough got no further than about an inch and a half out of the dispenser before the motor burned out and our new machine quite unceremoniously, died. 

It was beginning to feel as if a force greater than us, did not want this meal to happen. 

Now we could have become discouraged and given up on the whole process (after all, we did have a large bowl of noodles prepared and waiting in the fridge in case of a pasta disaster) but we did not let it get us down.  After a good laugh about the quality of our newly purchased macaroni marvel, we realized that our Kitchen-Aid mixer had a pasta attachment.  We plugged in the mixer and in no time at all, we were knee deep in fresh fettucini.  So we threw a few bucks down the drain buying some dumb device that we apparently already owned.  I never claimed to be smart, just a good cook.  The good news is… the food was outrageous!  Lucky thing too, as we’ll be eating it for the next three days! 

Until next time,



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9 responses to “Endless Pasta-bilities:

  1. Marcia

    LOL!!! Best laid (layed?) plans.

  2. Theresa

    I heard the home-made pasta was fantastic!!

  3. Hey Don, save some chicken and pasta for me…. LOL!

  4. you can send me a plate anytime!!! nothing like homemade pasta.

  5. Dom and I sat in on a cooking demonstration for homemade pasta that called for 32 eggs!! Needless to say, it was not the “healthy option” so we haven’t tried it yet. The Kitchen Aid, however, is such an amazing additional to any kitchen. I usually sit in amazement at what Dom can do with it.

    Hope to be an attendee to one of these fancy lunch parties soon 🙂

    • 32 eggs???? Yikes!!!! Sounds like a new mystery novel “Death by Pasta!”
      As far as our luncheons go, fancy is kind of a stretch… but they are filling.
      And you can bet you’ll be attending. We authors have to stick together!

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