Taking the Plunge!

Well, here I sit blogging for the first time (personally).  After 36 years of putting my dream of becoming a writer on hold, I have almost completed my first novel “Unforgettable (Trudy’s Story) and I have just received word that the manuscript for my children’s book “Donald and the New Baby” was accepted for publication.  The hard copy of my publishing contract arrived today and once signed, it will take nine months to a year for the book to go through the process of editing, illustration, cover design and finally printing!   

It has been quite a long journey for me.  You see, the first half of my life was dedicated to helping my father’s small business get off the ground while assisting my ailing mother with the raising of my three younger sisters.  Throughout the second part, I worked towards getting my partner’s business up and running.  My dream always seemed to take the back burner for the good of a bigger picture.  But now at long last, it’s my turn. 

Hahaha… Kind of reminds me of the lyrics to an old Diana Ross tune by that title [It’s My Turn].  Now that I think about it, although it sounds a bit melodramatic, the song really sums up where I am and where I’m going. If I may be so bold as to quote Ms. Ross:

 “It’s my turn to see what I can see.  I hope you’ll understand this time’s just for me.  Because it’s my turn, with no apologies.  I’ve given up the truth to those I’ve tried to please.” And perhaps to me, the most powerful line of all, “For years I’ve seen my life through someone else’s eyes.” 

It isn’t nearly as tragic as it all sounds and I would change nothing about my life.  However I would still like to warn you dear readers, if you live your life trying to please others, putting your own dreams and desires on hold, be prepared!  You too may wake up one day to discover that you’re fifty four years old with a lot of catching up to do. 

My wonderful life partner of twenty-one years and all of my dear family and my friends are behind me one hundred percent as I step out to take this journey.  I look forward to this adventure with great optimism and anticipation for the endless possibilities that lie ahead.  Still, with all these eyes upon me, I can’t say that it isn’t a little bit frightening.  After all, what if after all this time, I fail?   

Then again, wouldn’t the bigger failure come from never trying?  Isn’t it better to try and fail, than to live one’s life wondering “if” it could have been possible? 

So I refuse to let fear get the better of me because to quote another old song (last one I promise) “I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance!” 

So as I set out to make my dreams of becoming a writer a reality, I raise my “virtual glass” in toast…  here’s to new beginnings and a joyfilled dance!

Until next time,



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8 responses to “Taking the Plunge!

  1. Laurie

    I am so completely in awe of you Don, you are taking the time to take pen in hand and share the memories that are so dear to you. What a precious gift to share! And, I must also confess, my dear cousin, I cannot wait untill I can read this book! My lovely, vivacious, fun lovin, forever smiling aunt is surely missed, but her wonderful stories will be immortalized !!! I cannot wait to hear more on the blog and I sit on pins and needles in anticipation of the Book!!!! Keep the creative juices flowing !
    Your cuz, Laurie

  2. Laurie,
    Thanks so much for your kind and wonderful comment. It’s words of encouragement like this that keep me going, determined to do my mother (and all those who support me) proud. I hope to have an autographed copy sent your way one day in the not too distant future. I love you cuz XO

  3. Well, you are finally on your way my friend. I told you I’d always follow you but geeze, two blogging sites in a few days. I’m going to need a GPS to keep up with you! Actually, this is much easier. BTW, do we need to get special Blogging shoes for this and if so what time are you picking me up to go shopping?

  4. Oh Jeanne you’re silly… everyone knows that only professionals have to wear the blogging shoes! Heck, I’ve even worn tap shoes while blogging here. Thanks for following. XO

  5. omgosh i am so excited for you…i remember sitting at the palm beach house listening to some of your hilarious stories about your mom and i remember saying” you should write a book” write it all down!!!! and the humble person that you are said ” i should someday” and that someday is now…YAHOOOO>>> i love you so much as everyone who has ever met you and james…from the bottom of my heart. you are one of the most special people i will ever meet in my lifetime…i know that for sure….cant wait to read whatever you write..plus i will order like 50 books when they get printed…xoxoxoo

  6. Lauri,
    You are a true friend and I love you dearly. I can’t wait to see you again.
    Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. XO

  7. gail

    I’m sitting here at my computer thinking about what to say to you and I looked up and saw the following framed saying on my desk: “We shape our lives not by what we carry with us, but by what we leave behind! You are putting into words what your Mom has left behind and now others will be able to read what you are leaving behind. It’s important to find something that you feel pasionate about. You are a special person!
    Love ya,
    Gail “Freckles the Clown”

  8. That is beautiful Gail. Thank you so very much. I am blessed to have wonderful people like you in my life. Welcome to my journey. It’s my honor to have yu aboard!
    Love, Don

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