Bringing Back Those Memories…

One of the good things about writing my novel, “Unforgettable (Trudy’s Story)” is that since it’s a life story, it takes place over several decades.  This allows me to “revisit” some very nostalgic and wonderful moments in my life, and in history. 

The book starts in 1925 and goes on through 2003.  It strongly benefits my writing, to try to somehow “transport” myself back to those bygone days via some very simple methods.  We all know that there are two things that can instantly carry us back to former and perhaps, forgotten moments in time.  One of them clearly is food.  Has there not been anyone among us who hasn’t been magically brought back to their mom’s kitchen by a single bite of a familiar meatloaf or peach cobbler?   As I write about my mother, I find I’m cooking more and more of her recipes or at least craving them, and I love the way something as simple as a meal, can bring her close to me again. 

The second technique is music.  We’ve all been driving along in our car and suddenly over the radio come’s a song from our youth that we hadn’t heard in a dog’s age.  Isn’t it true that for the three or four minutes that the song plays, we are miraculously taken back to the time and place when we used to listen to the tune?  We can not only see our old bedroom, dorm, favorite hang-out etc., but we can almost smell our old surroundings.   We become flooded with memories of friends from that moment in time as well as actual conversations we may have had.  It’s amazing how a modest little tune can trigger some pretty impressive recall.  

Today I was writing about the late 1960’s – early 1970’s.  The first thing I did before I even opened the file for my novel was to tune into Pandora Radio and set myself up with music of the era to play in the background as I worked.  I must tell you, as I sat here typing away it was inspiring to hear, Gary Puckett, the Delphonics, Mungo Jerry, James Taylor, Freda Payne and perhaps the song that brought the biggest smile to my face, ” More Today Than Yesterday ” by the Spiral Staircase.  

This song was a favorite in our house however; my mom just could not seem to comprehend the song.  She understood that the singer “loved you more today than yesterday,” but she could not grasp the concept of the lyrics “but not as much as tomorrow.”  You see, when my mom loved, it was all the way!  She loved with every ounce of her being and it was unconditional.  So she got that you could love someone more than yesterday.  Perhaps you hadn’t realized your love yet.  But once you did love, how could it not be as much as tomorrow?  If you love, you’re doing it with ALL your heart.  That IS everything you have therefore, it could be no stronger tomorrow!  My sisters and I would try for hours to explain it to her, but it always ended in defeat with all of us laughing hysterically at our “silly mother’s” lack of understanding.    

Funny, after all these years, I’m thinking that maybe it was us who really didn’t understand after all.  I know that I sure do miss my mom’s special brand of love. 

Until next time,


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