Blogging Fool:

If the truth be known, I started this blog with a bit of trepidation.  After all, where would my readers come from?  How would anyone find me?  Would my writing be in vain?  To whom was I writing, and what was I writing for?  Did I not have my hands full enough trying to complete a novel? 

I was advised that blogging might help me to build a much needed fan base, which may pull some weight when the time comes to publish “Unforgettable (Trudy’s Story).” What’s more, the idea sounded as though it could prove to be somewhat cathartic to chronicle my journey.  Armed with that meager ammunition, and almost no knowledge of what I was about to undertake, I set out to boldly blog my way into cyberspace! 

Granted, as I write this (my sixth blog) I have only a meager (but greatly appreciated!) nine followers, but… and here is the good news, I am being read by far more than are following.  I have had 269 hits in 6 days and I am being inundated with emails and calls by folks reading my blog via Facebook posts, who don’t know how to become a follower.  And technically challenged spaz that I am, I was able to offer no advise on how to assist them.  

So that is why I have changed sites to WordPress.  It seems as though my research into most commenly used sites was not complete.  This is said to be the #1 Blogging site and is SO much more user friendly.  What’s more, all you have to do to become a follower now is simply click onto the “FOLLOW” tab on the gray bar above!    

Although I hate to push the envelpoe, I have been advised that it was in my best interest to I ask everyone who reads this blog, to (A) become a follower and (B) become a subscriber to this blog.
I implore you dear reader to please help build my fan-base. 

In the meantime,   I’ll keep plowing away on a wing and a prayer, hoping that I gain the needed knowledge along the way, and that one day I may open my blog to see that I have thousands of faithful followers sharing this incredible journey with me.  

Thank you ALL so much for your support. 

Until next time,



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4 responses to “Blogging Fool:

  1. JAnice

    I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Tom

    Sitting here reading your blog with Simon and garfunkel in the background….it’s almost like you are here. Keep em coming.

  3. Make sure you click on the “follow” and “subscribe” tabs or you just may need a “bridge over troubled water!” Hahaha
    Thanks for reading. 🙂

  4. Janice

    Am I really in? Love the blog!

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